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CX transformation drives 20% cost reduction

Challenge: achieve operational efficiency through CX transformation

The subsidiary of a global telecom set out to align its digital transformation efforts with the rest of the worldwide organization’s products and services. Its goal was to achieve operational efficiency by reducing its staffing costs by 20% through CX and digital transformation. Specifically focussed on Contact Center channels. With that in mind, our client embarked on a Conversational AI – Voice bot project targeting its VIP Post Paid customer segment, since it is the most significant segment in terms of interaction count and size. A secondary goal was about reducing the average handle time dramatically from 10 minutes, allowing their customers to reach the services they need faster and effortlessly.

Solution: conversational AI – CX transformation that delights the customer

It’s quite important when starting a Conversational AI project, to understand that it goes beyond the technology, as it is about designing an experience that is swifter and effortless, one that is personalized and empathetic.

With the aid of our conversational design team, we formulated a conversational strategy for the project, distinguishing the voice bot dynamics and flow from the human agent experience. The solution we implemented has achieved an accuracy rate of 96% – well over the 70% target agreed upon at the outset.

Results: Improvement of operational KPIs

The resulting Conversational IVR – VoiceBot solution delivered a 20% operational efficiency boost and reduced AHT by 80%.